Typed by Coconuts Manila from the photos of some pages of her(Deniece) actual complaint document.

1. "While I was busy in the kitchen, I offered Kuya Vhong some juice or refreshments, he came over and patted me on the back and said, 'Okay lang ako.' He started joking around with me a little bit and began stroking my hair, my back and my arm. It was then that I started to feel uneasy and uncomfortable. The vibe between us suddenly changed and I felt I had to do or say something, so I told him, 'Kuya, ayaw ko. Sorry hindi ko talaga ito magagawa.'"
2. "Kuya Vhong became irritated. I was shocked because he brusquely pulled at my hair and dragged me towards the sofa and tried to get on top of me. I tried to pull away from him by kicking and flailing around and I was able to get away from his clutches and my first instinct was to run to my bedroom and to get my cellular phone."
3. Breaking the continuity of the narrative, Cornejo explained: "My bedroom and the living are is separated only by a curtain so it really didn't provide me any protection against Kuya Vhong and he was able to reach me again before I could grab my cellular phone."
4. "Kuya Vhong pinned me down to the bed and was kissing me all over while I kept on kicking, shouting and trying to get myself free from him. Kuya Vhong again roughly pulled at my hair with one hand while pulling down his pants and underwear with the other. Kuya Vhong was already completely on top of me, half-naked and he tried to unzip my shorts but it wouldn't budge because it was jammed or stuck. All this time, I could here my phone ringing but couldn't reach it."
5. "Kuya Vhong still had his hands clutched tighly to my hair and tried to push my head towards his genitals. I tried to resist but the hair pulling was really painful and it felt like my scalp was going to be pulled out of my head. He succeeded in mashing my entire face, my mouth, my nose and chin right into his genitals. I couldn't get free because he was pinning me down with his weight and pulling on my hair the entire time."
6. "Kuya Vhong continued to pull my hair and forced my face into his genitals, despite my cries of 'No, huwag po.' He kept pushing his penis into my mouth and I tried with all my might to push him away but as he was on top of me with his full weight, my protests were to no avail. He began unzipping my shorts with the obvious intention of inserting his penis to my private part. At this point, I was already very hysterical and scared because I knew that he was not going to stop until he successfully did what he was planning to do, which was to rape me."
7. "Unable to unzip my shorts, he somehow managed to lift one leg of my shorts and pulled at my underwear exposing my private part and allowing him to force his penis towards my private part. At that point, I felt that his hard penis was already touching my private part as I continued to try and push him away from me. He was pushing his hard penis into my vagina, leaving me without any other recourse except to continuously struggle; I was certain that Kuya Vhong was going to have his way with me. While all of this was happening, I was trying with all my might to shout and call for help."
8. "It was only by a miracle that my friends suddenly appeared to help me. I suddenly felt the weight of Kuya Vhong taken away from me and when I was free, I ran to the first person I saw who was a female friend of mine. I was crying, inconsolable and hysterical.
9. "As I tried to understand what went on, my friend took me out of my condominium unit down to the poolside to console me and allow me time to gather my senses."
10. "My friend tried to console me and calm me down. When I was over the initial shock of everything that just happened, we went back inside and I insisted to my friends that we had to report what happened. I told them we had to bring Kuya Vhong to the police station. I demanded that we bring him to the station because I was so angry, humiliated and violated. I was not about to just let the incident go as if nothing had happened."
11. "While we were in the elevator, I saw Kuya Vhong, and I felt I was so betrayed and hurt, I just kept crying quietly to myself the whole time we were in the elevator."
12. "With the intention of filing a case of rape against Kuya Vhong, my friends and I deemed it wise to go to a police station and have a blotter taken by the police. At the police station, we spoke with the desk officer assigned at the time and we gave our statement.
13. "During this whole time, Kuya Vhong was pleading incessantly saying, 'Huwag n'yo po 'to ilabas sa media, masisira ang career ko at kawawa ang mga anak ko.' He said this on and on to the point of exhaustion. we were at the police station for more than one hour with him continuously begging, saying the same thing about not releasing this matter to the media."
14. "It was also at the police station that Kuya Vhong alternately pleaded not to release this matter to the media and offered the amount of PHP2000,000, which escalated to PHP500,000 and eventually reached the amount of PHP800,000.
15. "Given Kuya Vhong's incessant pleas for me to not pursue the case of rape against him, together with the fact that I was going through a very traumatic and emotional experience, I was very confused as to what should be done. I knew then that if this matter was blown out of proportion that I will be involved in a very tedious, painful and harrowing case."
16. "As I stated, I am a motivational speaker and as such I espouse the belief of strength in adversity and courage in trial. Plus, I was already very exhausted at that point so I decided not to pursue the case. Instead, we continued and finished only with the police blotter so as to protect my honor and there be a proper record of what Kuya Vhong had done to me."
17. "From the police station, we parted ways, I went back to my unit for a few moments and left. I decided to sleep over at a friend's place because I did not want to relive the trauma inside my unit. I returned to my unit at the Fort the next day to find my unit ransacked and robbed. Since then, I have never returned to my unit." -

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On Sunday February 2, Startalk interviews Deniece Cornejo. In this video via http://ideasandrumors.blogspot.com/, Deniece become so emotional in telling her side of story. In one part of the exclusive interview, Deniece Cornejo gave a message to the beaten Showtime co-host Vhong Navarro.

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