According to an ABS CBN article, The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is looking into reports of under-declaration by cigarette maker Mighty Corp.
If you will analyze, there's might be loop holes on BIR in handling that case, they should not solely investigate Mighty Corp. but other t*bacco companies as well.
Mighty Corp has been doing profit to farmers and their families by generating jobs in our country. They are a big contributors to Philippine economy.
That is why some issue has been misleading but I know this will be resolve soon.
If BIR investigates Mighty Corporation, they should also investigate other tobacco companies. And that should be fair.
BIR should also see the bright side. Mighty Corp Inc is a company with good intentions and quality. Should this case will be solve soon there will be a lot of beneficiaries.
Mighty Corp is just transparent to people. I'm glad they bring hope to farmers by giving those scholarships thru the help of Wongchuking Foundation. Mighty Corp is a company that our country should be proud of.

In Philippine agriculture scene, Mighty Corporation is present in the dreams of many people. Mighty Corporation (MC) is a fully integrated Tobacco Company located at Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines. The Factory lies in a 9-Hectare Property 50 Kilometers North of Manila. The Principal activities of Mighty Corporation include Tobacco Processing and Cigarette Manufacturing.
Filipino-owned cigarette manufacturer Mighty Corporation will buy more tobacco leaves in 2014 from farmers in Regions 1 and 2. This means a lot to the agricultural sector in the North region.

Local farmers must push government to create a law that will require companies to source a certain percentage of their raw materials from the local market. Aside from this effort, Mighty Corporation is proactive in doing socio-economic activities and providing scholarship (via Wong Chu King Foundation) grants recently.
Not known to many, Mighty Corporation hogged the limelight recently when established competitors sought a congressional investigation over its sudden rise as a tobacco player, eating up the markets of previously low-priced cigarettes. Spending money buying beer and cigarettes became a vice to other people. For a lot of people, they want it low priced products just to splurge it. For the past few months, the controversies over Filipino-owned t*bacc0 manufacturer, Mighty Corp emerged over traditional media.
In the market today, the price of a Mighty cigarette in retail stores worth around 35-40 pesos. But the dubious, malicious lies about the alleged illegal activities digging into MC, BIR and Department of Customs said that they firmly monitored the company’s shipments, manufacturing, withdrawal and marketing their products. How did the two major players in the t*bacco industry make sure that the fact is true? Mighty Corp comply with the new sin tax act in which allowed by the provision of selling cheap cigarettes.
According to MC’s legal counsel Miguelito Ocampo, “While our company cannot comment on how other cigarette companies price their cigarettes, what we can say is that our company can sell one-peso-per stick cigarettes because Mighty does not pay royalty fees to foreign companies for the use of our brands of cigarettes.” The production costs that Mighty earned, it sources its services, management and materials locally. Aside from Mighty, there are some other brands that sells 1 peso each. BIR should not solely investigate Mighty Corp. but other tobacco companies as well.
Philip Morris and its partner Fortune Tobacco Corporation (PMFTC) have been complaining that Mighty Corporation has hugely eaten its market by selling one-peso-per stick cigarettes through illegal withdrawals and misdeclaration of imported raw materials. Mighty Corporation, the only Filipino-owned integrated t0bacco producer of popular, low-priced cigarette brands assures that the loyal customers, bankers, retailers, wholesalers and employees will not remain passive against the malicious and damaging trickeries employed by competitors in trying to destroy our business.From January to November this year, the Bureau of Internal Revenue more than doubled its collections from tobacco and alcohol products, despite a decrease in production of cigarettes and fermented liquor. Next year, the BIR's target is pegged at P105.3 billion.

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