Bullying continues to rear its ugly head in different shapes and forms – from the most recent scandal involving players of the Miami Dolphins to the countless stories of kids that are made fun of or beat up at school.
 Yousef Erakat, who has built a solid online following through videos that highlight everything from rapper Drake’s lyrics to pranks at the gym, is taking a stand. The comedian teamed up with actor Ali Amjad for a video entitled, “The Bullying Experiment.” In the clip, Erakat plays a bully who is beating up a student (Amjad) in front of innocent bystanders. Hidden cameras capture whether a person intervenes or simply turns a blind eye.
 “Why bullying occurs in America is because people like that don’t stop it when they see it happen right in front of their eyes,” Erakat yells at a hidden camera after two people not only ignore the student that is getting beat up, but then refuse to stop and speak to Erakat about the incident. Bullying is still an issue in the States, but the video does highlight people that step up and have the courage to confront the issue head on.
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