If you only have 70 pesos in your pocket what gift would you buy for Christmas?
It’s that time of the year again when you use your haggling skills to shop and hunt for gifts. A few weeks to go before Christmas also means busy weeknights and fully-booked weekends filled with dinners and parties with loved ones and friends. And with Chikka Text Messenger, it’s possible to celebrate Christmas with all its shopping, dining and partying, without going over budget.
Helping Filipinos save more for things they can enjoy is Chikka Text Messenger, the popular web-to-mobile texting app used by millions to connect with their friends and loved ones for free.
And with the 70 free text credits you get through Chikka app daily, you can save as much as 70 pesos every day!
Free text goes a long way Here are Christmas workarounds on how your 70 pesos savings from using Chikka can make you feel the holiday cheer:
If your Christmas budget won’t allow you to buy an expensive new gadget, there are exciting accessories that can spruce up your mobile device in a jiffy. There are many bazaars and tech stores where you can find good deals. A new case, pouch, and even a decent pair of earphones can be had for just 70 bucks.
Foodies can enjoy a variety of food choices with 70 pesos a day. Whether you enjoy Filipino delicacies at food fairs or you prefer sampling homemade gelato or an upsize at your favorite fast-food, you’ll surely find something satisfying that fits your budget.
Now, with daily load expenses off your list, your savings can buy the premium apps and games you’ve been eyeing for months. And that’s all because of the Chikka app on your cellphone!
And with the season of giving comes Kris Kringles and exchange gifts. The mystery and excitement of secretly giving and receiving those weird, little Christmas-themed presents is something we look forward to every year; but let’s admit it, sometimes it really does burn little holes in our pockets. With an extra 70 bucks daily, you don’t have to stress so much about stretching your budget.
The holiday season is also time to catch-up with old friends and family. Extra cash would surely come in handy during parties. So if you need to meet up with childhood friends, former colleagues or cousins, you can easily buy a drink or two and be merry.
With the Christmas rush, traffic can get a little chaotic. With an extra 70 bucks in your pocket daily, you can skip the crowded public transport and hop on to a shuttle or taxi instead. This is definitely wiser especially when you are already carrying lots of shopping bags.
Christmas is also the season of sharing and 70 pesos a day can greatly help our needy brothers and sisters. There are many ways you can help. You can feed the hungry in your community, buy gifts for street kids, or donate to Yolanda survivors. What’s important is you are doing something to make the holidays special for others. Don’t worry because with Chikka’s free text daily, you can save every day even when it’s not Christmas. There will always be more blessings to go around.
Founded in 1999, Chikka created the world’s first instant messenger for online chat to integrate mobile features via SMS. It later evolved to develop apps for iPhones, Android, Google Chrome, and Facebook, and other telco-grade platforms. Chikka is a subsidiary of Smart Communications.