Celine Dion -- if she has a hallmark -- it's that she sings with her heart on her sleeve. And when it comes to children, even more so.

During the taping of Wednesday's CBS special, "A Home for the Holidays"  -- surrounded by foster children from all over the country -- Celine moved even herself to tears.

Dion said, "It didn't take, I mean. I was trying not to look, but I was feeling all the children around the stage, and I didn't want to cry. When a child is hoping for a dad or a mom -- that is not acceptable."

The five-time Grammy winner has spent much of her life championing the cause of children. It started long before she was a superstar, when her niece Karine died at only 16 from cystic fibrosis.
"I could feel her organs leaving, one after the other," Dion said. "And I started to sing to her very softly. And I saw a tear coming from her eyes. And she left. We all knew that she was going to die, but the good thing is we were all together."

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