In light of the current state of calamity in the Central Visayas region wrought by super typhoon Yolanda, Viber has pledged its financial aid to the Philippine National Red Cross and GMA Kapuso Foundation.
Aside from its charitable contribution, Viber has also spearheaded its own typhoon relief campaign called “Viber Helps.”
On top of this initiative is its Viber Out, a new service that allows Viber users to make free calls to Globe mobile subscribers in the Philippines. The service was borne out of the pressing need to address the breakdown of communication services in the typhoon-stricken areas in the Visayas.

This feature lets you call landline and mobile phones with credits you pre-paid via in-app purchase (or with credit card/Pay Pal for desktop version).  Credits are available in amounts of $4.99, $9,99 or $24,99. Call rates depends on country you’re located in. You can check your call rate on your mobile if you follow the instructions below:
1. Enter the More options menu in Viber
2. Select Viber Out
3. Select Learn more at the bottom of the screen
4. From the Menu dropdown on the top right, select Viber Out
5. Begin typing the call destination country in the search field….(at this moment, these instructions doesn’t work on iphone)
…or you can find your country using following link https://account.viber.com/
Here is a list of most searched countries with their call rates.
Australia2,3 ¢15 ¢
Austria2,3 ¢7 ¢
Brasil1,9 ¢22,1 ¢
Canada1,9 ¢2,3 ¢
Czech Republik3,0 ¢6,9 ¢
Denmark2,3 ¢24,9 ¢
France1,9 ¢16 ¢
Germany1,9 ¢5,9 ¢
Hungary1,9 ¢8,9 ¢
India2,5 ¢4,9 ¢
Indonesia9,6 ¢13,9 ¢
Ireland1,9 ¢12 ¢
Italy1,9 ¢11,9 ¢
Japan2,6 ¢14,9 ¢
Malaysia2,3 ¢6,9 ¢
Mexico2,3 ¢9,9 ¢
New Zealand1,9 ¢8,9 ¢
Pakistan13,9 ¢13,9 ¢
Philippines17,9 ¢23,9 ¢
Poland2,3 ¢6,9 ¢
Portugal1,9 ¢29 ¢
Russia4,9 ¢7,9 ¢
South Africa3,9 ¢9,9 ¢
Spain1,9 ¢9,9 ¢
Ukraine13,6 ¢19,5 ¢
United Arab Emirates26 ¢26 ¢
United Kingdom1,9 ¢5,9 ¢
USA0,0 ¢ – toll free1,9 ¢
The data in this table was gathered manually from Viber application. This table is not official Viber Out price list.
With the support of Globe Telecom, Viber was able to come up with a timely solution that should bridge the communication gap and allow affected families to get in touch with their relatives to and from the calamity zones.
In addition, Viber has also launched its “Sagip Tawag” relief communication centers in partnership with Ayala Malls. Strategically located all throughout the 14 Ayala Malls nationwide, these public service booths will be equipped with mobile phones and laptops which will give public access for free international and local calls.
Philippine National Red Cross Chairman and CEO Richard Gordon lauds Viber’s charitable contribution and timely assistance in the country’s disaster management program.
“Apart from food, clothing and shelter, communication plays an important part in linking Filipinos to their families and relatives, and providing relief volunteers with the proper link to coordinate with their constituents,” he stresses.