Regghie M. Orpiada with twitter name @RegghieOrpiada is a hot topic on social media. He is thankful that his brothers and sisters were saved from Typhoon Yolanda but he also had foul comments on other religious group. He posted that 'patay gutom na katoliko' status and it went viral. He says:
  • Tama lang talaga ang ginawa ng mga kapatid ko sa #IglesiaNiCristo na hindi papasukin ang mga katolikong patay gutom
  • Tignan nyo... kami lang talagang mga #IglesiaNiCristo ang mahal ng Dios at hindi kayong mga patay gutom na katoliko
  • Iba talaga tayong mga #IglesiaNiCristo. Mahal na mahal tayo ng Dios kaya walang nangyaring masama sa ating kapilya!

The last photo is from the tweet of Jiel Gonzales saying #IglesiaNiCristo Church was the only one left standing w/o any damage after the strong typhoon.