Angels are guardians....
They serve as our friend and our security,
They always look on our safety and they remind us not to do bad things.
Angels....they bring Precious Moments to our lives!

Precious Moments in Manila
The Showroom
I got the the chance to visit their showroom in Makati. Located in Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Palanan, Makati City this is where you can see their latest products and the collector's items.
The Club Philippines Precious Moments Collectors’ Club which started in 2012 and now has 1,500 active members. Members get discounts and access to download Precious Moments wallpapers in their website. They have monthly gathering where they make dolls and talk about their precious moments.
The Shop Aside from being the showroom and headquarters, they also serve food abd beverage. It can accomodate a maximum of 50pax for a function such as corporate meetings or baptismal reception. It is a gift shop and a restaurant at the same time.
The Collections My Tita Kitty has an entire cabinet of Precious Moments collectibles in her house and they are all rare and made exclusive.
Many are fans of Precious Moments because of the cute dolls and angels. If you will see them in display they are all attractive.
History Precious Moments is a lifestyle brand created by artist Sam Butcher. His simple illustrations of teardrop-eyed children included messages of heartfelt endurance and inspiration. Products derived from these illustrations (by license) are called "Precious Moments".
The company was incorporated in 1989 to answer to increased demands of the Precious Moments characters and themes - yet 80% of the royalties collected was from the porcelain products.
Also, the same year, Sam Butcher used his profits from PMI to build his longtime dream - a chapel in Carthage, Missouri.
The company is currently owned by two of Butcher's sons - Don, who lives in Carthage, and Jon, who lives in Chicago, and is being run by an investment firm, Trivest Partners LP. Sam Butcher lives primarily in the Philippines, and spends little time in the United States.
My Top Three Favorite Dolls are :
1. Mrs. Clinton Doll 2. Cory Aquino Doll 3. Disney Princess


Clinton snowman doll is one of their best selling products. Last year Mrs. Clinton ordered 1,000 pieces of this and displayed it on her Christmas tree. Now there's only 3 pieces available in the store and has the price of 5,000+