This Saturday on “What’s Up Doods?”, Edu gets to interview two very different groups of siblings, and a beauty queen who eats… insects.

First, he meets the Teng brothers, who reveal what they hate – and love – about each other. Has their rivalry ever led to fist fights? How do they get along as roommates?  And then we get to meet their dad, the robocop Alvin Teng, who started it all.  

Edu challenges the brothers to an incredible 2–on-1 shootfest!

Then he interviews the beautiful and mysteriously-named Mutya Datul, the reigning Miss Supranational. With Miss Datul, Doods finally learns the meaning of the complex word “Supranational”.  Mutya also confessed about a delicacy of Mutya’s childhood: insects!

Finally, Edu meets the ravishing Cojuangco sisters, all incredibly talented, all incredibly beautiful. Doods discovers how it’s like growing up with extraordinary siblings and extraordinary parents, and having national heroes for uncles and aunts; in short, three individual insights into what it’s like to grow up a Cojuangco.

Don’t miss What’s Up Doods this Saturday, 10:30PM on the Weekend Do It Better weekend primetime block of TV5!