Celebrating Megan Young’s Victory by Kath Angeles
After winning the country’s first Miss World crown, Megan Young is back in Manila and is ready to celebrate her victory with the rest of the Filipino people.
Being a fan of beauty pageants, majority of the Filipinos followed Megan Young’s journey ever since she joined the Miss World Philippines.
With her undeniable beauty and charm, Megan has been considered as a front-runner in the Miss World pageant. Despite having a strong streak in placing in several beauty pageants abroad, the Miss World title has been elusive to us. However, while competing with 126 other candidates from all over the world, Megan stood out from the crowd and proved that the Filipina beauty is worthy of the crown. The 23-year old actress has created a noise in the online community after winning the Miss World title. Minutes after the announcement of winners, local celebrities, former beauty queens and the rest of the Filipinos all over the world hurriedly twitted their congratulatory messages; thus, making her a trending topic in the Philippines and worldwide as well.
For days, her name has been constantly appearing on the web and different social networking sites. People are tirelessly expressing their happiness brought about by this victory.
As we welcome Megan Young back in Manila, we were grazed with her winning smile and struck with her majestic beauty. As expected, fans and supporters took time to get a glimpse of the beauty queen. Authorities had to carefully plan the flow of the victory parade and re-route the traffic in order to accommodate the parade and the build-up of crowd.
To fulfill her duties as Miss World, she’ll be based in London for a year and visit different countries to take part of the charity projects to be implemented by the Miss World Organization. However, during her stay in the Philippines, she’ll be visiting the Tuloy Street Kids Foundation and Philippine General Hostpital.

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Megan-Lynne-Young/430816380369994