She is picking up great success in the fashion industry and still counting, Famous designer Kate Torralba ventures into the recording sand music industry as she releases her very first full-length, studio album titled Long Overdue.

Her CD contains 11 original tracks that Kate composed including its carrier single "Pictures."

All songs were produced by Kate in collaboration with Malek Lopez. Other tracks of Long Overdue include "Monkey Song (Nokiesque)," "Northfleet," "Video," "Anywhere With You," "Drunk On Your Love," "Kung Mali Ako," "Seminar," "Get Me," "Under My Stairs," and "Pictures (Cinematic Version)." The album also features the works of noted producers and arrangers such as Todd Hunter, Mikey Amistoso, Jazz Nicolas, Diego Mapa, Dennis Chan, and Mike Villegas.

It should be noted that Kate is part of the pioneering batch of the annual Elements Songwriting Camp and she describes music as her very first love being a classically trained musicians even before she entered the world of fashion.

Kate Torralba's CD will be launched in Cebu for the first time in her Long Overdue grand Cebu homecoming on Nov. 8 at SM Cebu Northwing (6 p.m.). 

Part of the proceeds of her CD sales will be donated for the benefit of the earthquake victims in her native Cebu. 

Where to catch Kate?

Long Overdue will also be launched in Singapore (Nov. 5), Craft Bar & Grill, The Fort (Nov. 16), Saguijo Bar (Nov. 20), Live Vibe Café (Nov. 22). Long Overdue will also be launched in Korea, Thailand,a nd Indonesia.

Long Overdue is distributed by MCA Universal.


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