After we had our pictures taken in the outer space #AxeApolloing we had a chat with soon to be astronauts Chino and Ramil.
AXE is actually sending 23 people to space to celebrate the launch of their newest fragrance “AXE Apollo”.
Supposedly they are three but it was Ramon Bautista who completed their trio just for that night. Evan Rey Datuin was absent.
Chino is a Crossfit trainer, he is very disciplined and got athletic body. He has a strong potential because of his regular training and very disciplined lifestyle.

“I’ve heard some say that working in the fitness industry may give me an advantage at space camp. But I don’t see it that way. I know I have a lot to prove, especially coming into this the way I did. All I have is my drive to surpass my limits. That, I think, is what defines a ‘hero’,” says Chino
Chino is a Psychology graduate from De La Salle University Manila where he played in the football team.
He is the youngest of the three delegates at 22 years old and is currently working as a marketer and fitness coach. Roque is an admirable athlete, with an edge in the physical aspect of the competition. He not only displays physical prowess, but also willpower, discipline, and a strong drive to constantly better himself.

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While Ramil is a very determined person. Hes got intelligence and his work experience can lead him to win in the competition.
When asked on how he was randomly selected from the promo he said "I was meant for this. I knew from the start that somehow I would get here"
Santos is 29 years old, an engineer with a Masters in Electronics and Information Engineering from South Korea.
During our chat we learned that he was a former student of Ramon Bautista in UP College of Mass Communication in FILM 107: Docu subject.

Check out his trademark pose

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The delegates will set out to bring honor to the countries they represent by proving their mettle as they compete for 23 tickets to space – one of which is reserved for the best out of the three Filipino hopefuls.
Ramon Bautista took over a time to spend with us in a dinner. When asked about how he likes Koreanas he said he don't like them because he's always been linked.
He also shared us that he also wants to put up his own blog. "Yan ba yung mag re-review ka ng mga gadget tapos iba blog mo" he said.
Ramon stays active in social networks instagram and twitter more than facebook. He once had a facebook fanpage but it was took out of him after a while.
Catch Ramon Bautista doing his #AxeApolloing act in this video