In no particular order. Here are quotes from Ariella Arida, Karen Davila, @modernfamilyfansss and Mo Twister
Ariella Arida
"To really express myself, to convey a message to the people.
"Especially, Latinas cannot even speak a sentence, right? I mean, a complete sentence... In English."
Mo Twister
"I don't intend to bash on our Ms Philippines here but how the f__k is this not considered offensive toward Latinas? I mean, we ALWAYS get so sensitive when someone says anything about us Filipinos (see Dan Brown, Alec Baldwin, and every other time we screamed murder) yet our girl representing our country, in a legit interview regarding the competition, says Latinas can't put a sentence together in English. That would royally piss me off if I were of Latin descent. I'm pretty sure we would lose our minds if we heard an interview of a contestant saying "Filipinos can't string a sentence together" and our Senator/Congressman would persona non grata that bitch immediately. I'm also quite certain that a few of the Latina contestants can cook up a few intelligible lines in English that would leave Ariella here dizzy in her heels. Best of luck to her in the competition. Now back to my NBA Fantasy Team."
Ariella Arida
“OM sorry. I didn't mean to offend anyone from my last interview. I hope you guys can understand what Im trying to say.”
Karen Davila
"Hi @djmotwister! Thank you for watching #ANCHeadstart To put in context for your many followers that part of the interview - there was a question from a viewer on Twitter, asking her command of English. She explained many contestants didn't speak English perfectly too and also need a translator. Salamat DJMo."
Daiana Menezez
"I don't know how I was tagged and was amazed at the same time. As for what I think about this, I'll keep it to myself or I might just act "Filipina" trying to defend my "Latina" rights, bro, mo you, ikaw Na! (Magtatagalog kaya ako dito) Latinas speaking English, Tagalog, Spanish and Portuguese??? Hahahahahahah I miss you!"
"With all due respect to Ariella Arida @araarida I think what she said was taken out of context. Clearly, we all know what she was trying to say. That it isnt much of a bearing if yoy cant speak conversational English. One point goes to her. However, for someone who wikl be competing on an international pageant, I think Ariella perfectly knows that these Latinas she's talking about are some of the girls she'll be rubbing elbows with during her stay in Moscow. And she might be surprised on how well they deliver their thoughts without speaking English. On that note, I believe @djmotwister is right by saying that if this was uttered by another candidate, bashing the Filipinos, I'm pretty sure twitter will shut down due to bombarding hate tweets. I have seen interviews of Ariella. Yes she is pretty and smart. But sometimes she has so many things running in her head. she's so willing to please everyone around her and in fact results to a disastrous interview. Yes she has all eyes on her as she arrives in Russia but I think the moment she touches down, she has to think not as Ariella Arida but as a Filipino representing your country. Think before you speak. As Janine Tugonon once said, "In Miss Universe you are not called by your name, you are called by your country." I. Thank you. Bow."
Here is the video of Karen Davila's interview with Ariella Arida and it went viral.