After Janet Napoles surrendered to PNoy, her lawyer announced to media that she has diabetes.

Netizens predicted that the same scenario happened to Gloria Arroyo and CJ Corona will also happen to her.

A Viral Fake Photo of Janet Napoles in a Wheelchair surfaced in the world wide web.

There's also a viral fake interview with her daughter Jean Napoles

Note: This is not a real interview. 

You might be wondering what does Jean Napoles feels right now. TWM is just reposting what we got from NJ Bautista Photo and other facebook links:

This Jean Napoles statement(fake) went viral


REPORTER : How do you feel about your mom now in custody by the DILG ?
JEAN : Nothing much, mom knows how to take care of business. She'll go over it !

REPORTER : Aren't you worried that all your wealth be held in abeyance while she's being investigated ?
JEAN : Not really ... we have more than enough.

REPORTER : Do you think she's going to jail ?
JEAN : Well ... I think they need her more than she needs them. They were never enemies of the President and Mar Roxas, they were like a family when PNoy was a Congressman-Senator & Mar a Senator then, there's no axe to grind against her.

REPORTER : What are your parting words ?
JEAN : I love my mother, my country and my countrymen as well. It is not our fault if we are wealthy or is it neither our fault if we have lots and lots of friends, including the Senators, Congressmen, Cabinet Members and even the President himself. All I can say to those who want to pin down and insult my mom to be very careful and go easy on her and never to underestimate her, because she is a very talented person that can be an angry tiger if pushed to the wall ! Thank you !