EB Babe Yosh Rivera and Eat Bulaga Host Wally Bayola is alleged to have a video scandal

Now it is circulating the social media. Wally has no appearance in Eat Bulaga today and according to the news he will be temporarily absent in the said show.

A video of a bald man who's image is  likely to be comedian Wally Bayola and is on top of a naked woman which looks like the EB Babe dancer Yosh Rivera. There are also allegations that it is either Yosh or Wally Bayola' s wife.

The said scandal is scripted....

they are aware that theres a camera

they are looking on cam while having sex

the sex lasted for more than six minutes.

it was very casual

As of this posting there is still no confirmation if the alleged scandal is true or not. 

No statement yet from Eat Bulaga, Wally Bayola or Yosh Rivera.

This is the scandal that is trending now. after the Chito Miranda - Neri Naig scandal


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