Many became interested with the film 'Lihis' as it tackles the life of two NPA rebels who were gays.
It has become more interesting because hunk actors Jake Cuenca and Joem Bascon play the lead roles. Plus the fact that they had this very intimate sex scenes (in bed and along the river) that went viral a few weeks before the premiere of this film.
To make the long story short everyone was curios about this film. It is indeed interesting and it has a very creative plot.
With great expectations you can speculate that this will give a lot of good scenes.
However the story's narration was quiet slow and it tends to bore the audience.
The flashback parts are confusing. Medyo walang progression hanggang dumating sa last part.
It was not totally an ugly film at all. Just Good enough. You can still recommend this film to your friends because it is made by a Master director.
The selling point of this film would be how it imposed an importance to our history and it was derived from a true story.
Ratings: 3/5