If you love to shop in Divisoria you will appreciate your love more when you download Divisoria Guide App.
And if you are looking for the Best Bargains and Wholesalers, Divisoria Guide App is a big help for you.
An application created by young Filipino entrepreneur from Palawan province, John Christian Yayen available for download on Friday, September 6.
Divisoria Guide is the perfect app for everyone who would dare to visit that part of Manila especially nowadays that even search engine giant, Google has very limited information about it.
The app, which will be sold at $2.99 or around P130 at the App Store is the best would-be-mobile-essential for new and aspiring entrepreneurs, and bargain hunters as they explore the country’s biggest marketplace for bargains.
Divisoria Guide App’s main feature is the offline map that covers all the streets in the crowd-drawing Divisoria market in Manila. Notes and tips on how to score a deal as well as what street merchandises to buy were also featured in the app.

The new Divisoria guide and learning resource is fit for entrepreneurs, shoppers and bargain hunters. Learn where to find the best bargains and wholesalers.

Download here: http://bit.ly/1abKrK9
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