The world’s best-loved car brand is coming to the Philippines, and we are excited to announce that finally, the Time is Coming for some of the most recognizable automobiles to hit the streets of Manila!

If you are excited to see the coolest Volkswagen beetle car all you have to do is:
Step 1: Attend Volkswagen launch event on Sept 28 at Greenbelt. Step 2: Have a good time at VW event. Take a picture of you with the WV beetle. Step 3: Bring home the FIRST 21st century Volkswagen Philippines Beetle.
Just easy steps and you might just find yourself behind the wheel of this modern ‘love bug’!
Log on to timeforvolkswagen.com

Register your name, birthdate, address, email address and mobile number.​ ​
You’ll receive an email confirmation that contains an exhibit map of the Greenbelt Park display, a participant’s guide on next steps, and a questionnaire and answer sheet.
Print out the email confirmation and present it to the registration counter located in Ayala Museum for barcode tagging before you start the activity. 
(The exhibit will be open from 10 AM of September 28 to 10 PM of September 29)
Find all the answers to the 7 trivia questions on the email confirmation by visiting the different parts of the exhibit:

a) Heritage/History Area
b) Brand Video Area
c) Car Displays
d) Volkswagen Plaza
e) Racing Pavilion
f) Innovation Area 
g) the various entertainment area.
Take your completed trivia sheet back to the registration counter for verification and second tagging to earn you one raffle entry. Contest registration started yesterday and will run until 5 PM of September 29, 2013.
You can submit your entry from 10 AM on September 28 until 6 PM on September 29, and the winner will be announced at 8PM at the Greenbelt 3 grounds.
Volkswagen has built a unique community all around the world. There are ‘the Old Guards’, who first fell in love with the brand through the stalwart and ageless Beetle or grew up appreciating the industry and resilience of the Rabbit. Then there are ‘the Young Guards’, successful men and women who now see the Volkswagen brand as their “commute buddy”, the modern and stylish wheeled equivalent of a favorite, classy accessory.
Whether you grew up knowing Volkswagen as “the people’s car” or now eyeing a shiny Touareg, one fact remains: Volkswagen is not just a maker of cars – it’s a pop culture icon.
Volkswagen comes to the shores of the Philippines this month, with an equally stylish showroom located at the country’s premier business district, Bonifacio Global City. Before moving in to its new home though, Volkswagen will have a grand launch at the Greenbelt Park on September 27, 2013.
We would also like to invite you to join us during the official launch of Volkswagen Philippines, and join us in celebration as the popular and loveable automobile manufacturer arrives in the Philippines.
The Time is Coming for The People’s Car to come to its home in Bonifacio Global City, and we eagerly look forward to have you join us on this day.