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MISS WORLD Philippines 2013: #20 Megan Young
1ST PRINCESS: #10 Janicel Lubina
2ND PRINCESS: #5 Zahra Saldua
3RD PRINCESS: #10 Bianca Paz
4TH PRINCESS: #18 Omarie Linn Osuna

Misibis Bay star Megan Young is a stunner and ultimate sexy, She's fashionably chic and brainy, She is a Hot chick for the Miss World 2013!

Congratulations for winning this year's Miss World Philippines. Make our country proud.

List of Winners:

Miss World Philippines: Megan Young

Best in Talent: Samantha Mae Bernardo

Best in Fashion Runway: Megan Young

Miss Friendship: Zahra Bianca Saldua

Miss Sports by FILA: Megan Young

Miss Novu Hair: Patricia Ejercitado

Miss Reducin: Megan Young

Miss Redux Fat: Bianca Paz

Miss Pantene: Zahra Saldua

Miss Olay: Megan Young

Best in Swimwear: Janicel Lubina

Miss Laguna: Megan Young

Miss Bold and Glamorous by Revlon: Megan Young

Miss Figlia: Megan Young

Miss Photogenic: Janicel Lubina

Miss Bench Body: Megan Young

TOP 13:

#17 Jennifer Hammond

#6 Karla Patricia Alas

#12 Angelica Lopez

#19 Bianca Paz

#13 Paulo Estenso

#7 Samantha Mae Bernardo

#18 Omarie Linn Osuna

#24 Zandra Flores

#20 Megan Young

#11 Mercegrace Raquel

#5 Zahra Saldua

#22 Patricia Ejercitado

#10 Janicel Lubina

Before the pageant I made a list of my prediction for Miss World Philippines possible winners:

 4th Princess: Samantha Bernardo - Palawan's finest. This girl rocks and she is very talented

 3rd Princess: Patricia Lae Ejercitado - I so Love the beauty of her face. This girl is a sure winner.

 2nd Princess: Maria Paula Bianca Paz - She is so Hot and possess the best body in this competition.

 1st Princess: Janicel Lubina - Skin complexion is her best asset, She walks best and her figure is so attractive.

Miss World Philippines 2013: Megan Young - She is perfect only!

Others who might win the pageant:

Ria Rabajante
Omarie Linn Osuna
Patricia Lae Ejercitado
Sandra Flores
Melanie Barret 

Coronation night of Miss World-Philippines 2013, telecast live on August 18, on GMA's SNBO.

Hosted by Victor Basa, Carla Abellana, Quenrich Rehman and KC Montero