Broadcast journalist Julius Babao looks into the complaint of a wife molested by an alleged ‘love expert,’ whom she sought help to fix her broken family in “Bistado” this Monday (August 5).

“Liza” is separated from her husband for two years. Desperate to have her husband back for her children, she approached a love expert to solve her problem. The love expert, however, conducted suspicious rituals such as touching her private part to get specimens and putting the picture of her husband in her underwear.
Liza eventually reported her experience to the authorities as she learned that the love expert was a fraud. Will he be arrested for molesting Liza?
Meanwhile, a robbery incident in an electronic gadgets company was caught on CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera. Will the CCTV video help the authorities identify the suspect?
Bathsalt products, which can whiten skin, on the other hand, are widely patronized by consumers. But not too many people know that it has been used by drug dealers as synthetic drugs called ‘bathsalt drug.’ How does this affect one’s health?
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