There's no shortage of love in this long-awaited album from Kris Lawrence. 

On "Spread the Love", his third album and first since signing with GMA Records, the R&B Prince finds himself exploring the emotive trappings linked with all things love and gives his own interpretation of it-with, more often than not, insistently impressive results.

Fans of R&B and pop will find much to appreciate on Kris' 12-track effort. Leading the soul-fueled record is the imploring mid-tempo single "Sabihin Mo Naman". Layering keys, synths, and beats, it's a slow burn
ballad that builds to memorable infatuation pleads. 

Hardly desperate yet effectively sincere at getting his message across.

As much as Kris knows his strengths, he isn't afraid to let loose and shape his sound. Throughout the record, Kris works alongside the who's who of the local music scene to craft songs that cater to both avid fans and new listeners.

Opening track "Nightmare", despite its foreboding title, is the stuff of friendly R&B dreams, carried by shimmering synths and smooth vocals that recall quintessential Usher. Throw in a rap verse from Elmo Magalona in the mix and this fizzy sonic jam about choosing to sleep and dream about the woman she adores than be without her shows promise.

"Rider" follows in the footsteps of its predecessor but instead favors a
heavier, war-drums hiphop base where Kris' smooth vocals and Q-York's
slick verse slide on the punchy beats.

There is plenty of polished R&B jams and power ballads infused in this
record too that incorporate Kris' signature vocal stylings: the
spoken-word opening of "Tell Me" sets the sensual "I Wanna Know" ala Joe
attitude prodded by its gently strummed guitar and Kris' beautiful
range, hitting those high notes and falsettos easily. While the classic
sounding carrier single "Ikaw Pala" may appeal to lovesick fans, it's
the melancholic piano-led "Di Na Matatanggap" that proves to be one of
the highlights. "Dito na magwawakas. Ngayo'y alam ko na ang tunay kong
nadarama. Pag-ibig ko sa'yo ay wala na," he laments, singing a classic
case of moving on after the fire between them have burned out.

Incidentally, "Ikaw Pala" is the theme song of GMA's primetime
Koreanovela "The Innocent Man" which began airing last July 22.

As the album progresses, more attention-grabbing songs reveal
themselves. The Rachelle Ann Go collaboration track "Unbreakable" is a
thumping piece of spacey, dance-pop goodness that features K-pop
flourishes, a dubstep sample, and club music credibility that Kris
definitely possesses. Next is the retro soul, blues styling of "Addict"
that adds dimension to the record's overall theme.

The album works best when it's focused on Kris' versatile, warm vocals
as shown on his duet with Bryan Woodart of IV Example on the piano
ballad "I'd Rather Be Alone" where his vibrato stands out in the sea of
vocal layerings. "Try Again" is one of those self-motivational songs
that speak straight to his listeners' hearts, dropping optimistic advice
after advice. "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger... get up
and try again," he sings reassuringly, drawing perhaps from personal
experience prior to fully realizing this album.

"Make Me Whole" with its symphonic production and restrained vocals
shifting from clean notes to heartfelt vibratos that sound like it
belongs in a movie soundtrack, and the twinkling jam of "Yesterday" end
the album on a positive note.

Kris explores themes about love that lurches into the romantic kind then
dives into its pitfalls, lacing up tracks with melodies and musicality
that project more ambition. He sings with grit and a sense of purpose to
connect with people, and on this solid record, he does it more
successfully than ever, proving his place right up there with the
country's best.

Kris Lawrence's "Spread the Love" is now on CDs in Astroplus, Astro
Vision, Odyssey, The Landmark and SM Music and Video outlets nationwide.
It is also available worldwide on digital format thru iTunes, Amazon,
Spotify and OPM2GO.