Rumor still has it, Krista Miller is the allegedly third party of Cesar Montano.

After the controversy between Cesar and Krista.....Sunshine and Cesar has called it quits.

Now they are into trial court seeking for their own rights for their children.

Meanwhile, Krista is spotted online allegedly flirting with Kapamilya actor JC De Vera 

Why is Krista Miller being Extra Friendly with JC?

While Cesar and Sunshine is busy, she is also busy with her favorite past time.

A reactor posted a comment that Krista is flirting....this time with JC. *Source: Fashion Pulis Blog

Here's a conversation from Instagram

Krista: Jc nagpupunta ka pa ng elorde?
May sasabihin ako sayo. Pno kita mokokontak?
JC: Hahaha panu ba. @iamkristamiller
Krista: S bday ko kasi! Haha.
Kunin ko kay miss fhaye? Kay eula? Sa tv5? Sa elorde? Haha o sa showtime? Haha!

Images courtesy Fashion Pulis via Instagram: akosijcdeberat