Coca-Cola Smile Back -- Smiling Faces Around the World

Do you believe in the power of smiles to transform the world? We do. Coca-Cola sent people all over the world, from Jamaica to the United Kingdom to Pakistan and more, to simply smile at strangers -- to see who would smile back.

As we passed others on the street, on the bus or in the park, we gave a smile, held up smiley face posters or did a silly dance with a grin on our faces, all to prompt a little friendliness in the mundane. When someone smiled back, they received a free Coke or some other fun prize: everything from sunglasses to hats to bicycles. 

Because when you give a smile, lives are changed. And so is the world, one smile at a time. 

Produced and crowdsourced in association with Victors & Spoils (http://www.victorsandspoils.com) and MOFILM (http://www.mofilm.com). Musicians: Ben Thomas and Max Truphet