What the hell is wrong with you people?
There is nothing about me and Coleen!
You guys are just so wrong man.May
problema kayo sa akin ako na lang. Wag
Nyong I damay manga taong walang
kinalaman sa hiwalay namin ni Nikki.
Punta kayo sa ABS harapin Nyo ako.
Lakas Nyo magsalita tunkol sa kung anong ng yayari eh. Pero wala kayong alam!!! 
As Much as Im lost and unhappy.
You guys got major problems with your lives. Narrow minded people!Open your
eyes and look in the mirror and ask yourself. Are you content with your life talking about others. Of course not, you guys are perfect! May God Bless you all!!! Not even sarcastic. Bless you all.

Photo grabbed from Fashion Pulis via Instagram: praybeytbenjamin