It was a very cooperative weather on a Sunday morning run for this years Adidas King of the Road. Thank you to Adidas Philippines and Green Bulb for the complimentary 16.8 km race kit.

I have so many positive things to say about this race but one day is not enough to write about it. So just to make it short I decided to summarize everything good about it.
Kudos to the race organizers for achieving a good standard of running event. Every distance category was on time on it's gun start. The location was very conducive for running, BGC has been a heaven for runners that is why there's many of us really enjoyed the run.
All the cheering group were amazing and cute.
Baggage counter is very organized and the long lines before and after the race was very well organized.
Plus the singlet was very attractive. Aside from its being colorful it was also stylish. Seeing a lot of runners wearing in different colors of Adidas makes every people smile. It also adds positive vibes to the mood.
Thank you to all the runners I was able able to bumped in during the race, you are all inspirations in promoting active healthy lifestyle.
Run safe and see you on the road!