MCA MUSIC presents  Two of the World’s Most Promising Violin Acts of 2013!

MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) is proud to present two of the world’s most promising violin acts this year!
The World’s Fastest Violin Player, DAVID GARRETT!
David Garrett got his first violin at age four and makes his first appearance with the Hamburg Philharmonics at the early age of ten. At age thirteen he is the youngest artist to be awarded an exclusive contract with the Deutsche GrammophonGesellschaft. In 1999, at the height of his career, the shooting star redirects his energy, deciding to leave his predetermined path as a classical violinist and move to New York – not to take a time-out but rather to place his musical proficiency on a theoretical foundation and perfect his technique. He enrolls at the prestigious Julliard School, studying musicology and composition.
Instruction with ItzhakPerlmann lends his performance completely new facets. David Garrett’s particular enthusiasm for studying composition earns him a distinction in 2003 when he wins the renowned Composition Competition of Julliard School with a fugue composed in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach. In doing so, he lays the foundation for what have become legendary arrangements. His highly esteemed American composition teacher Eric Ewazen has said of him “As a violinist, his spectacular, heartfelt and expressive playing already dazzled – even when he was a student – those of us who had the great pleasure of teaching him, and we recognized his extraordinary gifts and his amazing talent.” David’s new album Music further demonstrates that he is able to combine different musical worlds of classical, rock and pop like no other artist of our time. This new work illustrates an artistic sense beyond limits with carefully selected songs such as "We Will Rock You" (Queen), "Cry Me A River" (Justin Timberlake), "Viva La Vida" (Coldplay) to "Music" (John Miles) and "Scherzo" (Beethoven). 
Best Female Artist at the 2013 Classical BRIT Awards --- NICOLA BENEDETTI!

Violinist Nicola Benedetti has captivated audiences and critics alike with her musicality and poise. Hilary Finch wrote in The Times, “it was thrilling to hear and watch Nicola Benedetti in a truly risk-taking performance that lived so much in the body and fused the sinews of the violin and the nerve-system of the player.” This sums up Nicola’s ability to communicate and enthrall audiences with dynamic and energy-filled performances. And whilst she is a highly sought performer on the world platform, Nicola is also fiercely dedicated to music education.
 Through her work with such organizations as Sistema Scotland, she has helped to demonstrate the power that music can have in transforming the lives of young people. Recently, Nicola was named “Best Female Artist” at the 2013 Classical BRIT Awards. The 25 year old violinist flew back from Chicago, where she performed at the Ryder Cup closing ceremony, to accept the award at London’s Royal Albert Hall.She is the most nominated woman in the history of the awards but this was her first win in the female artist category. Lastly, Nicola celebrates the world of 20th century film music, in her new album,The Silver Violin,which includes some of the greatest contemporary film scores ever written.