Star Cinema's “Four Sisters and a Wedding” earned P120- million at the box-office on it's 10th day. This movie is the kick-off offering of Star Cinema on its 20th anniversary celebration.
Also starring is Shaina Magdayao, Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo Angeline Quinto and Enchong Dee.
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Four sisters with different short comings gathered from all walks of life willing to do everything just to stop their baby brother's wedding because they were against his fiance. Later on experiences self realizations and becomes a better sister/daughter in the end. Their relationship binds on how they were able to see individual differences from their childhood until they grown up.
Starring the 4 sisters Bea Alonzo, Toni Gonzaga, Angel Locsin, Shaina Magdayao and Enchong Dee as their baby brother. Whatever is your age you can definitely relate on this movie. 

I think the strongest selling point about this movie is it's moral lesson. It did focus on sharing it's inspirational message to the audience and everything about it was excellent.

It's about forgiveness, acceptance, moving on, responsibility and everything important about our family.
This movie made me cry a lot so better be equipped with enough handkerchief and tissue when you watch it. Expect to get carried away by it's drama scenes.
It has a lot of dramatic scenes but the pinoy humor has been included. So just be an open minded viewer and feel free to absorb the unique traits of each character.
I swear that when it's laughing time you'll really laugh out loud, and when it's drama scenes you'll cry a lot.
Four Sisters and a Wedding is a guaranteed recommendation to your friends and relatives who would like to experience happiness.
Happy Ending. The story had a happy ending, happy ending in terms of happy thoughts and not that famous term you get when you go to a spa. This is one of the funniest part in the movie.
Bay-ag. There are parts in this stpry which has double meaning but you will easily absorb the best and the funniest parts of this film. It's full of fun...really fun.
(Papa's Spa. Pasasayahin ka talaga ng movie na ito dahil sa kakaibang humor nito.)
Director Cathy Garcia-Molina did a great job in making this film and engaging the filipino family culture thru this story.