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At the blog conference of Maghihintay Pa Rin Kapuso stars Bianca King, Dion Ignacio and Diva Montelaba shares their best experiences about doing the teleserye "Maghihintay Pa Rin"
The three also shared new interesting updates about them.
Dion says it was a different experience doing this project because he was able to show more of his skills and he learned a lot with his co stars specially Bianca and Diva.
He even joked "Bagay kaming loveteam ni Diva"
When asked about other roles he wanted to do he mentions "Yung parang role ni Dennis Trillo or Tom Rodriguez sa My Husbands Lover"
Dion might show off shirtless on the upcoming Cosmo Bachelors if time permits and if he gets a good workout schedule.
Bianca King has been successful in making a transition from playing kontrabida roles to bida. Now that she is acting more bida roles she says she has proven a different level in her acting career. She mentioned that she still has a lot of things to prove.
Bianca is one of YES! Magazines 100 Most Beautiful Celebrities and she was really thankful to all who made her included on the list.
Now she has a blog about easy cooking recipes where she shares the favorite dishes she loves to cook.
When she is not working she loves cooking and preparing food for her friends.
Her essay on topic about Love and Relationship will be published in Meg Magazine August Issue
Diva is doing great in her three years in showbiz. Aside from seeing her on Sunday All Stars she is also part of Maghihintay Pa Rin as kontrabida.
To be able to perform better she says she keeps on watching scenes of Cherie Gil. She is a fan of her since she started her showbiz career.
When asked if she is willing to join beauty pageants such as Miss World Philippines she said "Yes, but as of now I am still considering a lot of things"
Catch Dion, Bianca and Diva in "Maghihintay Pa Rin" weekdays afternoon after "Mga Basang Sisiw"

The story begins with Geneva de Villa a wealthy young lady who, despite having all the riches, longs for the love of a complete family. Right after her father died, all her mother Rio did is to tend their business, the De Villa Maritime Corporation and Manning Agency and treat their employees unfairly.

In the same company, Geneva meets Kiko Sebastian, whose father works in De Villa's agency. While working abroad, his father got sick and eventually died. Like any other case, Kiko didn't get any help from the agency. Fortunately, Geneva helps him until they became friends and developed feeling for each other.

Despite Rio's refusal of their relationship, Geneva fights for her love for Kiko and willingly endures the hardships of being poor. She will then meet Kiko's mother, Trinidad and siblings Cholo, Lita, and Bebot. She will also get close to one of Kiko's friends named Orlando Ramirez, who secretly admires Geneva.

Still adjusting to their situation, Kiko's mother unfortunately suffers a heart attack and needs to undergo an operation as soon as possible. Because of lack of money, Kiko decides to work in Singapore with high hopes that their current situation will get better. Between struggling everyday lives and challenges in communication, Kiko and Geneva prove that distance means so little when someone means so much. Kiko crosses paths with Grace Lim, a Filipino-Chinese businesswoman in Singapore, who will help him look for a better job, while Geneva is being pursued by Orlando. But true love finds its way because Geneva flies to Singapore to visit Kiko.

Finally deciding to come back home to the Philippines, Kiko bids farewell to Grace, which the latter refuses. She sets up Kiko and accuses him of rape. Kiko will be sent to jail and sentenced to death. Upon knowing the unfortunate fate of Kiko in Singapore, Geneva desperately seeks her mother's help. In exchange, Geneva agrees to her mother's wish for her to marry Orlando, who is now affluent.