What’s interesting about the show? There's a lot. A concept that is not new – but at least in Philippine TV – peg of gay plot is timely. The bromance of Dennis Trillo - Tom Rodriguez created a phenomenal chemistry.

It portrays the matter as something that exists in the real world and in a way that is tasteful and non-offensive to either those who are for or those who are against it. 

In short, it is not pornography presented in the guise of art but pure drama that revolves around – not homosexuality – but the feeling of “love” in general regardless of sexual orientation.
“My Husband’s Lover” was a risky move for GMA but after two weeks of consistently winning in the ratings and trending on Twitter, it seems that the network has already won in its gamble.
Despite of the gay theme of the series, the program seems to appeal also to (straight) female and male audience groups. In fact, the show is discussed not only in parlors but also in gyms, coffee shops and in offices.