San Juan residents get new blowout at Basaan Fiesta

A new twist was added to San Juan City’s traditional Wattah Wattah Festival when residents were given an unconventional but very appropriate “blowout.”
This year, the Basaan experience was made more fun and comfortable with the inclusion of a huge dryer at the Plaza Mayor along N. Domingo Street. The dryer became an enjoyable attraction as residents and guests alike dried themselves up after having been doused with water.
In partnership with P&G Downy, the dryer highlighted Downy’s quick-dry formula that helps dry clothes faster. Fresh towels were handed out afterwards to allow guests to experience the fragrance and softness benefits of Downy Sunrise Fresh.
As an added treat, Basaan enthusiasts engaged in various basaan games that involved wearing hydro-chromatic shirts. The first of its kind in the Philippines, the Downy hydro-chromatic shirts bore hidden messages that could only be seen when the shirt is wet. Finally, shirts were also given away during the annual parade to complete the freshness experience.
Downy Brand Manager Nicole Villarojo said the San Juan Fiesta was an ideal opportunity to spotlight the advantages of using Downy Sunrise Fresh, especially since the celebration occurs at the start of the rainy season in the Philippines. “During the rainy season, your clothes take longer to dry because of the lack of sunlight. The prolonged wetness causes a "damp, musty" odor to settle on the clothes. With Downy Sunrise Fresh, your clothes dry faster even during rainy days. Downy Sunrise Fresh has a quick-dry formula that helps dry your clothes faster, keeping them smelling fresh even as you dry them indoors,” she said.
The San Juan Fiesta is an annual festival celebrated in honor of St. John the Baptist to commemorate how St. John prepared mankind for the coming of Christ by baptizing them with water.Residents douse themselves and their friends with water and participate in different basaan games, while bystanders and commuters become targets of residents lining the streets with water guns and hoses.