Actress/Wushu athlete Bea Binene was named Wushu Ambassador by Wushu Federation Philippines on Thursday in Philippine Sports Commision Pasay City.

President Benigno Aquino III declared August 2013 as Philippine Wushu Month, Teen star Bea Binene announces her full support for the upcoming continental event for 18-year old and under Wushu athletes. Also present during the press con are the Philippine Wushu National Team Junior group consist of: Faith Liana Andaya, Zerena Redge Dumseng, Vanessa Jo Chan, Christian Nicolas Lapitan, Joel Casem, Dave Degala, Aleison Ken Omengan, Agatha Wong, Johnzeth Gajo, Kimberly Macuha

The 2013 Asian Junior Wushu Championship is set to happen on August 8-12, 2013 in Makati.

Bea started practicing Wushu at an early age in Wushu Discovery and it has become a great help to her activities for a long time now. She was able to cope with her busy schedule because of doing Wushu.

"The sport gave me strength and flexibility. I've become a more active person and I am always ready to face difficult challenges and extreme activities" Bea shares during the press conference. 

She was a bronze medalist during 2010 Chang Kuan Junior group competition.

Bea also wants to be an action star that is why she loves doing Wushu.

Playing the role of a Wushu Ambassador is not a novel experience, For Bea who's been a multi-faceted GMA talent, total performer, impromptu host, recording artist and environmental advocate.

Aside from a Wushu Ambassador she also serves as ambassador of Haribon Foundation, Plans International and Philippine Biochar Association.

She currently stars as Lucy in GMA's Home Sweet Home, a regular mainstay in Party Pilipinas (now Sunday All Stars) and Pepito Manaloto. She is also a junior reporter at Good News with Vicky morales for GMA NewsTV. In this video Bea shares how she started to love the sport Wushu.

"Bea will not only promote the Asian Junior Wushu Championship sponsored by Philippine Sports Commission and Summit Water but also the upcoming events and programs of the WFP until 2018" WFP President Tan She Ling adds. 

A few weeks ago she was also chosen as one of the Teen Ambassadors of Modess #MakeYourMove campaign. She is also one of the Time Ambassadors of Unisilver Time Watches.

Follow her on twitter @beabinene for more updates about her being a Wushu Ambassador.