The world's leading company in Network Marketing launches new products as they continue to promote optimal health.
Food Supplements have been gaining attraction because it is a much better alternative. We should realize that supplementation is a paradigm shift in health care. The current pharmaceutical industry waits for people to be sick then tries to give them a pill to cure it.
Although many people had the impression that supplementation was merely an "addition" to achieving a healthy body, it actually keeps healthy people healthy in the long term. It is a better investment in long term care because it is less expensive to prevent diseases from occurring than to try curing them.
USANA Executive Director of Product Development and Technologies Dr. John Cuomo and Aurora Gaston, General Manager, USANA Philippines presented to the media two of the latest products of USANA, one of the leading companies in the field of health and nutrition - "Procosa" and "Pure Rest".
Procosa and Pure Rest are optimizers that keep the building blocks of cartilages healthy and promote the body’s natural sleep and wake cycles, respectively.
The "Procosa" product supplement has three advantages:
1. It helps protect and slow the deterioration of cartilage
2. It helps retain joint mobility
3. It slows down the progression of osteoarthritis
When an individual moves his or her joint, the cartilage helps it to slide back and forth like a cushion so bones do not end up rubbing each other causing friction and eventual damage to the bones. The cartilage starts to break down through the years due to factors like old age and health problems. You slowly lose that protective layer thus bones start rubbing bone on bone and this leads to pain.
Most people would buy painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce the pain but unfortunately treats only the symptoms and not the real cause of the pain. The more you use pain killers, the more you build resistance to them. Painkillers also have some side effects. Procosa, on the other hand, treats the underlying cause of the pain.
Meanwhile, Pure Rest supports the natural increase of melatonin production at night. Melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone synthesized in the brain, is responsible for regulating the body's normal sleep and wake cycles.
Pure Rest supports the body's natural circadian rhythms and has been clinically proven to help promote sleep. Daily melatonin cycles normally reduces as we get older thus it becomes especially important to take melatonin supplements.
It is not a sleeping pill or an over-the-counter herbal supplement such as those found in local pharmacies. It also comes in the Vegetarian Procosa formulation for individuals who could be allergic to the regular, non-vegetarian tablets.
We usually don’t worry about our health until we’re older and we have diseases.Everyone is encouraged to eat healthy, get enough exercise and to add supplements to our daily regimen to make us healthier in the long term.
The SRP for Pure Rest is P1,120 for a bottle of 56 tablets while Vegetarian Procosa will be sold at an SRP of P2,000 for a bottle of 84 tablets.
Pure Rest and Procosa are now available in the market through USANA Distributors. Find a USANA distributor near you to purchase the Procosa and Pure Rest supplements to start enjoying a healthier life.
For more information on USANA, please visit http://www.usana.com.
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