Bodog Nation labels Manila as 'Super City' and Offers Over 100 Jobs
What is Bodog Nation?
It is a global HQ and has over 800 people living and working here.
Bodog Nation is not alone in recognizing the huge benefits of making Manila its home and the city has played a huge part in our success.
As a result they're recruiting madly at the moment and have over 100 positions open. This is why they've taken the step of throwing our doors open to potential employees by having two 'Open House' events on June 17 and June 20 in Makati and Quezon City offices to allow local people a chance to get hired and bring their resume's with them.
Applicants are welcome to immerse the ''work hard, party hard" culture of Bodog.

In case you need another reason to bring your resume along to the event, TV presenter, nightclub owner and self-styled 'eventologist', Tim Yap will attend the Open House event
BodogNation is the heartbeat of the Bodog brand because it represents its own people. The Bodog Nation is currently just over 1,000 strong stretched across the globe but with its roots and headquarters firmly based in Manila.
The Bodog Nation was originally created to look after its employees and recruit regionally and those core values remain fundamental with over 100 open positions available in both Quezon City and Makati. But as the brand has grown in Asia so has the Bodog Nation and as such now wants to 'give back' to the city it calls home.
In the last year, the Bodog Nation has not just donated but also undertaken a number of charitable campaigns with Department of Education, Philippine Red Cross and Haribon Foundation.
The largest part of the brand is Bodog Asia, which is also based and licensed in the Philippines - under the terms of that license Bodog Asia does not offer commercial services to Philippine customers - and so it wants to make sure it showcases the fast-rising city regionally, nationally and internationally.
Bodog is a global empire that has grown since 1994. Founded by Calvin Ayre with just $10,000in start up money, Bodog has now expanded to offering a number of entertainment products, in addition to online gaming, such as record label, media production company and tv shows that are marketed worldwide.
Visit http://www.bodognation.com for more information.