Schools are bound to open in a few weeks and college students require all the help that they can get to keep up with all their academic requirements. Luckily, USANA Health Sciences has BiOmega can help enhance the memory and aid the students to excel academically. 

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The rigors of schoolwork become progressively more challenging as students move from one academic level to the next. This is undoubtedly true, especially when students reach college. From long lists of school requirements and heightened expectations, college students will definitely have to do tons of heavy intellectual work on their part. It is no wonder; therefore, that some college students take health and dietary supplements to help improve their cognitive function.

With a wide array of supplements to choose from these days, one product manages to stand out and be perfectly suitable for them—BiOmega by USANA Health Sciences. BiOmega is perfect for adults with heightened memory requirements.

“It is important that we are careful with the vitamins and supplements that we take,” says USANA Philippines General Manager Aurora “Duday” Gaston. “As such, we need to make sure that the ones we take actually work and will not cause any untoward effects to us.”

BiOmega is rich in essential fatty acids, commonly found in fish oil, with added lemon oil flavoring, there is no fishy aftertaste. These Omega 3 fatty acids: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) - work to enhance memory efficiency and learning. DHA is a basic structural component of the brain that helps improve cognitive function, particularly in terms of improving memory, vocabulary and reasoning skills. Studies also claim that taking recommended doses of EPA has been known to fight symptoms of depression. Aside from the brain, both EPA and DHA help support the circulatory system, immune system, joints and connective tissues.

In addition to the heart health benefits, studies have shown omega-3 fatty acids, in the form of fish oil supplements, to be effective in supporting neural development and function, and maintaining good bone health. Many studies indicate that taking omega-3 dietary supplements helps the body maintain a normal, healthy inflammatory response. Finally, DHA is also an important structural component of the retina and is, therefore, essential for eye development and growth.

Moreover, BioOmega’s formula is virtually free of harmful contaminants. While some health experts have warned us to limit our intake of certain fish due to the presence of possible contaminants, BioOmega is manufactured with the highest standards in mind. It goes through a double-molecular distillation, which helps ensure its utmost purity, removing heavy metal, PCBs, pesticides and organic resides along the way.

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