A Million thanks to Ely's planet and Miss Janina(owner) for this complimentary massage at Nuat Thai Libis

My Experience:
I had Aromatherapy Package consist of Aroma therapy(swedish) and Body Scrub for a total of 2.5 hours which costs 1,000 php.

Swedish Massage - 550 Php
Aromatheraphy with herbal - 550 Php
Body Scrub - 550 Php

Body Scrub
I had the body scrub first. I was using a disposable underwear for a better scrubbing experience. Aileen(therapist) put Almond Milk scrub throughout my body and it was very smooth and has very good smell. I can still feel and smell the very good effect it has brought my body. It was my second body scrub after Age defying at Elite Nails in Pasig. And now I have two favorite body scrub services.
After the scrub I felt so clean, so fresh and light.

Swedish Massage
Thank God for giving me a very expert therapist - Aileen I had a very satisfying massage after that experience at Elite nails. I'm so glad because I always look up to the quality service of a therapist and not on anything else. Her hands were so warm and my body deeply appreciated it. She was so careful on penetrating the therapeutic points of my body. Tanggal talaga ang lamig ko na naipon for one week.
She is very careful not to touch sensitive parts of my body and I'd like to thank her for that.

It was only to her that I have so much appreciated Swedish massage, plus it was also my first time to experience the hot stone under my neck and back while having that kind of massage. Because the massage was truly amazing I fell into sleep without knowing that we're done.

Aileen deserves a good amount of tip because she really work hard for it.
They use hot herbal ball on my back. The feeling of the hot soft herbal ball rolling on my back, with the scent of essentials oils helps a lot in making refreshed my body.

My Verdict for Nuat Thai Libis:

More than anything else it is worth your money.

Massage Room: I like the huge bed and the hole is so sakto

Setting: It very nice interior design inside and nice view outside.
Bed: High standard
Linen: very good smell
Towel: Plenty, soft and smooth

Therapist: She is worth the pay and the tip
Hot Towel: Yes
Dry Sauna: Yes
Parking: Yes it can accommodate many cars

Free Wi-Fi: Yes Socket: Yes
Masseur Type:  Male and Female
Signature: Thai Massage, Swedish and Aromatherapy
Security: A guard for the building

Best Sellers: Swedish, 30 minutes foot massage and Thai