If you are a fan of Lady Gaga's song Bad Romance you will surely like the character of Mercedes Cabral as Andrea in 'Bad Romance' indie movie.
I've watched this film last night and I was really appreciating the different way of doing a psycho movie.
The story is straight to it's message. It includes a flashback. Plus the twist will tickle you from your head all the way down.
And if you are a fan of Sarah-John Lloyd films then you will have a deeper appreciation on how this film was made.
You will never regret watching this film I swear. Bad Romance opens on April 10 in major SM Cinemas with MTRCB Rating: R-16 Approved Without Cuts
Bad Romance is a local indie film that tells the story of Andrea, a receptionist at Castaway Hotel, an isolated hotel by Mr. Eduardo Villapando who's haunted by Jeboy Macaraig. Andrea's at the point in her life where she's ready to find her perfect lover.
She spends one night of passion with the TV and movie star Sam Lloyd Pascual.
Andrea thinks that Sam Lloyd Pascual is the love of her life that she has been waiting for.
But when Sam Lloyd Pascual dumps her, Andrea psyche turned into unpredictable and deadly ways.
The film stars Meredes Pascual, Aiza Seguerra, Rey PJ Abellana, Ogie Diaz, Jayson Gainza and Francis Lopez. Directed by Ian Del Carmen

In this Interview Mercedes Cabral shares her experiences and expectations in doing this movie.