Berocca in Boracay Challenge

The vitamins of well known celebrities has a surprise.

Extra challenge awaits you for a great prizes!

If you happen to be one of the many who will be on the Philippines' most famous beach Boracay from May 2 until May 4, then we know just the thing to make your dream vacation in Boracay extra, extra special.

As much as I love to I will not be in this island. I will just be at home drowning with Berocca.Just follow @BeroccaPh on Twitter to get more updates about the event.

This year, Berocca, the multivitamin drink that keeps you on full blast; will be on the Island to help keep the fun on full blast. Be at Boracay anytime between May 2 to May 3, purchase a tube of Berocca from any of the Berocca stations located strategically all over the island, and you can join the Berocca in Boracay Challenge on May 4.

The Berocca in Boracay Challenge is a series of fun, but mentally challenging events that will test your ability to think on your feet. You'll need to be on Full Blast to accomplish all of them. The first three participants who finish all the challenges will win Samsung Galaxy SIII and SIII minis. Mini prizes along the way and Loads of Berocca is also up for grabs.

Starting May 2 upto May 5, 2013 you can join the Berocca in Boracay Challenge if you are around the island within the date.

The challenge is open to all citizens.

How to Join Berocca Boracay Challenge?

1. Look for the Berocca stations in Boracay 
2. Look for Berocca at the following area: Villa de Oro, Boracay Peninsula, La Fiesta and in Cagban Port
3. There's no details yet but treasurte hunt and banana boat ride are one of those challenge.

1. Participants should be physically fit 
2. Mentally fit as well
3. A minimum purchase of one tube of Berocca from any of the Berocca stations you will be eligible to participate in the Berocca in Boracay challenge

First, Second and Third place

Prizes: Berocca Products and Samsung phones.

Have fun and Happy drinking!


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