The Winebar
2nd Floor Cafe 1771
El Pueblo Real de Manila
J.Vargas cor. ADB Avenue
Ortigas Center, Pasig City


Casual, classy and comfy, the perfect place for dining and drinking with friends, colleagues and visitors.

* Enomatic Wine Machines, full bar with imported beers and sake
* Steaks, burgers, oysters, shrimps, porchetta and cheeses
* Private rooms that can accommodate from 6 to 120 persons

If you are looking for the best place to enjoy your favorite wine, The Winebar is the perfect match for your dining experience. With their resident beverage guru Ms. Cecile Mauricio, she eases wine-pairing worries with experts insights for complimenting your cuisine.

The Winebar is part of the 1771 group in El Pueblo Ortigas.

Last week, yours truly was part of this interesting wine tasting.

I learned that night that the most important aspect of tasting wine is by means of smelling it.

Here's the list of recommended wines at The Winebar:

1. Piccini Solepaph Frascati Superiore 2010 Lazio, Italy

It is a white wine which contains 12.5 % alcohol content. Price: 1350 php/ bottle

2. Garnacha Homenaje Rosado 2011 Navarra, Spain

It is a pink wine with 13% alcohol content. Price: 1128 php/bottle

3. Beringer White Zinfandel 2011, a red wine with 13.9 % alcohol content. Price: 1350 php/ bottle

And I also learned a lot of difference between Wine tasting and Drinking alcohol in Padi's Point.

1. In wine, what matters most is the aroma, it affects your feelings and appetite the moment you smell it.

2. Bottoms up is not applicable to wine, it has more alcohol content that a regular beer. So you have to drink it slow.

3. Progression. We start drinking from a 12.5% alcohol content to a 13% alcohol to a 13.9% alcohol.

I was able to appreciate wine during the night. The trick to tasting wine is to allow the aromas of the wine to enter your nasal passageway at the back of your throat. Thanks to Cecile Mauricio for sharing us Tips on how to drink wine properly:

Bring the glass down to a normal level and hold it on the stem. Do not hold on the glass because your hands are warm and it affects the taste.

While holding the stem, you swirl the glass rapidly. It increases the surface area of the wine because it allows the wine to move up.

Smell the aroma. Insert your nose into the glass and inhale by taking quick, full sniffs. From there you can determine any off-odors, identify it's aroma and know the strength of the it.

Try to analyze by detecting the smell of fruity or floral notes. What fruit does it remind you?

Note the presence of other aromas.Sip a small amount of wine and move it to your entire tongue

A wine should have enough balance that you're barely aware of the alcohol in it.