Plug-and-play with the Lenovo P770 and USB On-The-Go

If you're always having problem with the battery life and the lack of connectivity options on your smartphone Lenovo P770 and USB cable is always on the go to provide you solutions.
When it comes to smartphone performance, today's mobile warriors share the same problems: battery life and the lack of connectivity options. Lenovo Mobile answers these needs with a handset that matches their dynamic lifestyles—the P770 that comes with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) On-the-Go (OTG) accessory cable.

With the Lenovo P770's USB OTG cable, users can seamlessly integrate their smartphones with other devices as it allows them toaccess, copy, and edit files from gadgetssuch as flash drives, external hard drives, and even storage modules in tablets.Transferring office documents, travel photos, and other valuable data becomesan easy plug-and-play experience.

From city-hopping for business meetings to going on a vacation, the P770 can also power up other devicesalong the way.It comes with a 3500 mAh battery with an immense lifespan that allows users to actually charge other phones or USB-powered devices through the USB OTG cable, converting the phone into a portable battery sourceon the go. The Lenovo P770 also boasts of a dual-core processor that caneasily handle all media and app requirements, as well as a huge 4.5-inch qHD IPS screen for crystal-clear image and movie viewing.

The USB OTG cable accessory comes bundled with the LenovoP770. Feel the power of on-the-go connectivity andexceptional battery life, only from Lenovo.