Thank you for the opportunity to join SHIFT to a greener alternative bike and run event.

I got the chance to bike at least 25 km. from UP Diliman to Commonwealth to East Avenue to UP Diliman. It was not my first time to bike but it was my first time use folding bike.

Thank you for the safety on my way to UP and going back home.
It was a very memorable and fun event, I felt a different kind of joy inside and out.

My Experience:

Though I was not on the fastest pace during our ride i made it to a point that I followed the safety guidelines in biking.

I had a helmet and I have a riding buddy with me. Thanks to UP CSC Anjo for guiding all throughout the ride.

Despite of the heat and the sudden rain I still manage to be safe from ailments and injuries.

I think my other exercise helped me a lot in surviving the bike ride. Thanks to the opportunity to do regular Yoga and run, it somehow served as training for this activity.

Shifting to a greener alternative is my own way of helping the environment. By means of biking I am able to lessen the chance of me driving a car.

Also I was able to save money. The estimated fare from East Avenue going to UP Diliman is 8 pesos, and UP Diliman going to Commonwealth is around 10 pesos. That's big already.

I want to share the important things that we should also encourage to others.

1. Always aim for the importance of safe bike ride. No helmet no ride.

2. Share the road. If motorists see a biker they should share the road. Please consider the safety of the bikers as well.

3. Biking is a good form of exercise it is good for the heart and cardio vascular system.

4. Biking lessens the emission of greenhouse gases caused by vehicles.

5. Running is one of the top recreations and has been a recent trend at the metro, I hope there will be more bike lanes all over the country.

The SHIFT to a greener alternative project was born out of the students’ desire to have a secure parking space for their bicycles when travelling inside the campus and to reinforce the advocacy of biking as a greener transportation alternative.  

Major buildings at the University of the Philippines lack the appropriate racks where students can securely park their greener mode of transportation. Since parking space for bicycles were very limited, students were discouraged to use bicycles. The idea of impracticality of riding a bicycle due to the drastic changes in weather also affected the number of students who use bicycles to transfer from one class to another.

The “SHIFT” team, the group behind the project, decided to create an event that would not only benefit the welfare of the students but also launch a cycling revolution that can save the environment.

One of the goals of the project is to address environmental issues such as the excessive emission of greenhouse gases caused by vehicles thus paving the way for a campaign for cleaner air by SHIFT-ing to greener alternatives when travelling.

In addition, road safety has also been one of the off shoots of this activity since a lot of cycling accidents happen because of the lack of cycling lanes and education of the everyday motorists about road sharing.

The boom of Fun Run events compelled the team to include running as a part of the event. Since running is also one of the top recreations in the university and has been a recent trend at the metro, it became a magnet for the involvement of more people in the advocacy.

The profits of the event will go to the promotion of cycling as a greener choice in transportation. It will benefit the welfare of the students through the installation of bicycle racks in major buildings in UP Diliman and the launching of a rent-a-bike program in the University.