Find All, Be All at Fisher Mall

Fisher Mall, a new shopping destination in Quezon City is set to open this last quarter of 2013. It is a five story, 114, 000 square meter big building.

Owned and managed by Mallers Investments, Inc. headed by Mr. Bobby del Rosario, his wife, Moleen who is the President of Clothers Asia and his three sons namely Paul del Rosario, Vice Chairman of the Mallers Investments, Inc., Ray del Rosario, Mallers Management Corp., and Obby del Rosario, President of Fisherfoods Corp.

Structure and Design

From inside and out, Fisher Mall boasts of a structure and design with the highest standards aimed at redefining the consumers' mall experience.

Built based on top quality benchmarks to withstand long-term functionality, Fisher Mall prides itself of various key structural features.

At a location that sits atop the most load-bearing soil adobe, and is at a remarkably higher altitude in Metro Manila, making it flood-free all year round.

It has steel bars 100% reliable from reliable manufacturers.

Thicker floors to lesses turbulence and for better sound barrier.

Glass panels that are thicker than those in other malls, to ensure constant interior temperature.

A better view outside. The 200 meter LED-amoled facade of this leisure complex is sure to capture the eye of customers na dlure in their awe and curiosity.

Interior Designed by Jonathan Gan, one of the country's best designers.

Easy accessiblity and convenience to shops for customers.

Strict adherence to emergency and tight security.

Find all Be all

This new mall promotes a 'Find all' and 'Be all' lifestyle. A place where fashion is not only one's statement but also a place where there is really so much fun.

Fisher Mall is not just your ordinary mall but it promises a different kind of finding experience.

It is a five-story building located at the corner of Roosevelt Avenue San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City  (it was once called Pantranco terminal)

If there are two words to describe Fisher Mall that would be Fashion and Lifestyle. This establishment is built to be one of the most beautiful mall in the metro.

Good news to Fashion bloggers and enthusiasts, Moleen del Rosario, president of Clothers Asia invested a lot  on Filipino clothing making Fisher mall a venue for fashionistas. There will be a fashion ramp where runway shows will be held on a regular basis.

There will be alot of signature clothing line from countries US, UK, Korea and other countries from Europe. Fisher Mall guarantees a whole new level of customer satisfaction.

“Our family is in the business of giving people what they want. We’ve continued this business philosophy in Fisher Mall. We will live up to our slogan “Find all. Be all" Obby del Rosario, President of Fisherfoods said.


What to expect when Fisher mall opens?

  • If you are a supplier, Fisher mall ensures you get most out of your business venture keeping your customers happy enough to keep them coming back.
  • Power reliability inside and out with brand new generator sets that are adequately capable of generating and compensating power when needed.

If you are a mall goer expect:

  • They will have their state-of-the art digital cinemas which has a throwback from the 20s era
  • For the foodies, they will have a wide array of food and al fresco shops. Plus they will have gaming centers and a wide range of local and important brands
  • Benito Chan, chair of Suyen Corporation, the mother company of Bench was present during the trade night held at Manila Polo Club, so expect a lot of his brand such as Bench clothing and FIX salon
  • High quality air conditioning assured to bring comfort in a tropical country
  • Safe and reliable elevators and escalators
  • Hotel-standard restrooms conveniently located on every floor
  • Breastfeeding stations for the privacy of nursing moms
  • Secure covered parking lot ready to accomodate 1,000 cars
  • 5 levels of fashion-forward boutiques and restaurants
  • Top of the line gaming and entertainment
  • Department store of classical clothing for all fashion styles
  • 5 high definition theaters
  • A value packed supermarket with a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, seafoods and meat
  • A VIP lounge with a driver's lounge
  • Activity center featuring a hydraulic-operated ramp as a centerpiece, inspired by the Fashion Show mall of Las Vegas
Fisher Mall is built with your profitability in mind. So if you are interested to lease contact: Tel. No. 376-78-45 or 0917-5797266 Email leasing@fishermall.com.ph

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Why Fisher Mall?

This family-owned mall which was named to pay homage to their Del Rosario's forefathers who started the successful fishing business based in Malabon.

"Fishing has always been our family's main business so moving into retail is a journey that is both fascinating and mysterious to us all.  Each member of the family is overseeing a division to make sure we don't miss out on anything." said Ray.

With their expertise in the fishing industry, in Fisher Mall's supermarket to offer the freshest fish in town---straight from the port!

Fisher Mall is near Panay Avenue Quezon City