Why is it that Supreme Court flip flopping a lot of controversial cases in the country? Are they hiding something to the public?

Like the case of the Ampatuan massacre: They reversed the decision on allowing live media coverage,
The high court decision last October 23, 2012 then it was released on November 12, due to a motion for reconsideration filed by Andal Ampatuan Jr.,
"A camera that broadcasts the proceedings live on television has no place in a criminal trial because of its prejudicial effects on the rights of the accused individuals," the court said in its resolution.
According to its resolution, the said decision will also help shield the judge and the witnesses during the trial proper.
Meanwhile, Ampatuan's motions stated that a public trial will be a breach of his rights to equal protection and presumption of innocence. His camp also argued that it will deprive him of his right to due process, and will have a "degrading" psychological effect on him.
It also stated that media can still monitor the proceedings via closed-circuit television (CCTV). But why it is they’re still quash the decision and hiding it to us? They doesn’t want to reveal the truth or just that they want to protect their position as justices.