Many are amazed at the American brand of fashion that is Timex, with its designs originating from splendid Italy and thereafter engineered in Germany. Having a flexible and vintage look, it brings you a staple brand for your everyday fashion, culminating an authentic quality and feel from its success in classic designs and consistent innovation. Notably, it is an icon that respects your own style and trend as self-expression.

In terms of worldwide reach, Timex extended its magnificencewith stores deserving enough to showcase their collections. Such famous examples are J.Crew in the U.S, Collete in Paris, Beams in Tokyo, Brian and Barry in Milan, and most notably is Selfridges in London who requested for Timex watches in their store and now includes the brand in their collection.

And when dull repetition gets you down, fret no further as every six months, the brand brings limitless new collections. A reason why the most prominent names in fashion, sports and even fitness chose to wear a Timex than any other accessory, leaving the world of fashion and entertainment abuzz.

Recently, several Timex watches were featured in some of the well-known international fashion and lifestyle magazines, even boasting notable collections such as the Timex Originals Gun Metal Case Finish,the Timex Weekender Slip Thru,the Timex Intelligent Quartz Depth, the Timex Originals Sports Chronograph and the Timex Originals with the Hound Tooth Strap, each showcasing its own unique style andcountless images, thus, any average or trendy person can relate to its looks and innovations, sufficing their needs for both fashion and function.

Aside from print, Timex collections continue to make their presence felt through blogs, tweets, and even more magazines in the international scene. Timex was even voted one of the top ten best women’s watches in one recent edition of a very popular international fashion magazine. More over, it’s been picked as a top men’s watch brand for two years in a row by another globally published magazine.

International print exposures aside, with famous figures selecting it as a formidable choice, its endless list of amazing features, and its unlimited innovation, Timex really is more than a watch, it’s a global fashion accessory.

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TIMEX watches are distributed by Newtrends International Corp. and are available at all TIMEX stores and leading department stores.