As it symbolizes a lot of aspects of love, wine has become a common sight in romantic occasions, the most popular of which is Valentine's. Whether given as a gift paired with chocolates and flowers or as a special drink for the dinner date, having a bottle of wine on Valentine’s sparks passion, romance, and love.

Of all the kinds of wine, sweet red wine is the most apt symbol of love. Its color expresses passion and its taste evokes enchantment, making it feel a lot like love. Akin to every sip of sweet red, love is full of surprises and delight. Such charm is experienced in every sip of Rossi Sweet Red. 

Crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun-drenched vineyards, Rossi Sweet Red is bursting with flavor and aroma, creating a different kind of sweet. According to Von De Torres, Managing Director of Emperador Distillers, it is what a real sweet red wine should be.
“All the flavors of vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry come together in a deliciously sweet complement of fresh fruit and a velvety soft finish. This is real sweet red wine that suits Filipinos’ preference for sweet wine. ”

Every year, couples look forward to Valentine’s, thinking of creative ways to celebrate the special day. Crafting a different celebration from the years past has become a regular challenge. But with Rossi Sweet Red, a memorable Valentine’s is easy -- it's your perfect choice for every sweet moment of the Heart’s Month.

“Rossi Sweet Red is perfect for every sweet moment specially this month of love. Whether you are at home watching a movie or having a fancy dinner, popping a bottle of Rossi Sweet Red surely makes the moment unforgettable. Surprise your love more by serving a different kind of sweet, with a stem-less wine glass, some ice, and Rossi Sweet Red,” suggests De Torres.
‘On the rocks’ is said to be a cool way to enjoy this sweet red wine. The ice brings out the flavor and makes for a smoother finish. “It doesn’t compromise the taste and actually makes it even better. Even if the ice melts, the taste stays perfect – you can savor all the sweetness and real wine flavor,” she assures.

Because of its flavor, Rossi Sweet Red can be easily paired with any kind of food. From popcorn and chips, to special home-made dinners, to medium-rare steak, the flavors of this sweet red wine complement the savor of these dishes.

Every relationship should be like good wine: the older it gets, the better it becomes. Having Rossi Sweet Red this month of love is perfect – rekindle your passion and let love grow.
Because “I love you” should go beyond words, spend a great time with that special someone and make sure to enjoy every special moment. In this Month of Hearts, perfect combination is you, me, and Rossi Sweet Red on the rocks – a different kind of sweet for a different kind of Valentine’s.