Sa Bayan ko/Mayro’ng ginto

Sung to the tune of a popular Filipino folk song, the preceding lyrics were supplied by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab to encourage participants in a songwriting workshop to add two more lines, in order to create a stanza for a song.

Students mob star rapper Gloc-9 for his autograph after a songwriting workshop at PMES
Toward the end of the workshop, participants came up with various ideas that resulted into a two-stanza song that was then sung to the tune of various musical compositions created, impromptu, by Mr. Cayabyab, a noted Filipino composer better known as Mr. C.

Sa Bayan ko/Mayro’ng ginto/Ikinabubuhay/Ng mga tao/Sa bayan ko/Mayro’ng ginto/Malawak, mataas/Philex mines ‘to.

The participants in the workshop conducted by the PhilPop MusicFest Foundation, Inc. at Philex Mines Elementary School (PMES), in Padcal on Jan. 20, were students of PMES and Philex-St. Louis High School.

The workshop was part of a cultural and sports program held on Jan. 18 to 20, to mark the 52ndanniversary of Padcal community, in Barangay Camp 3, of Tuba town, Benguet.

Mr. Cayabyab, executive director of PhilPop, started off with the three-hour workshop by singing Filipino folk songs while on the keyboard.

He explained carefully to the participants what “major” (where the mood is upbeat and happy) and “minor” (slow and sad) meant in musical composition, as well as the elements of music, namely, melody, rhythm, harmony, and dynamics.

Assisted by PhilPop Administrator and Communications Director Patricia Hizon, he then asked volunteers from the participants to read their two-line contribution to the lyrics he’d supplied earlier, to complete a stanza for a song.

Ms. Hizon said the Jan. 20 songwriting workshop was the first-level mentoring, in preparation for the holding of a music boot camp in Padcal this summer.

She and Mr. Cayabyab further enlivened the workshop and regaled participants by introducing to them The Ryan Cayabyab Singers, the finalists of the 2012 Philippine Popular Music Festival (PhilPOP), rock singer Ebe Dancel, and star rapper Gloc-9.