With a lot of cases in Supreme Court that has been flip-flopped by the justices, why it is the people affected when they learned that the court charges were manipulated?

Take for example, the legality of Republic Act No. 9355 or the law declaring that Dinagat Islands as a separate province from Surigao del Norte.

In September 11, 2012, in an en banc resolution, SC denied the MR filed last May 24, 2011 by former Surigao del Norte politicians Rodolfo Navarro, Rene Medina, and Victor Bernal want to reinstate a ruling dated back February 10, 2010 as unconstitutional.

The said decision in 2010 was reversed on April 12, 2011, when decided to uphold the legality of Dinagat Islands provincehood.
The high court said over the legality of the said island: "The Court Resolved to DENY WITH FINALITY the said motion for reconsideration as no substantial arguments were presented to warrant the reversal of the questioned resolution."

It all started when former President Arroyo signed the RA 9355 or “An Act of Creating the Province of Dinagat Islands”.  A month after the island became a province, the petitioners seeks nullify RA 9355.

They insisted that DInagat Islands could not be declared as a province because it didn’t met the requirements set under Section 10, Article X of the Constitution and of Section 461 of the Local Government Code (LGC).

Under the LGC, an area could be turned into a province provided that it has an average annual income of P20 million and either of the following: It has a "continuous" land area of at least 2,000 square kilometers; and a population of not less than 250,000 people.

During that time, Dinagat Islands had a land area of 802.12 square kilometers and a  population of only 106,951.

The government argued that the Dinagat Islands should be exempt from the LGC requirements since they are composed of several islands and not just one "continuous" territory.

When the ruling signed by Associate Justice Diosdado Peralta in February 2010 said: "The land area requirement shall not apply where the proposed province is composed of one (1) or more islands,” is declared NULL and VOID."

Why it is that the residents of Dinagat Islands affected on the said flip-flopping decision? They knew that their province deserved to be known because of its scenic view and attract a lot of tourists. But the thing is, if there’s a town to be declare its cityhood…a lot of people will be affected and that their town must be merit as a city.