Many see the New Year as an opportunity to make a fresh start. Some go through their closets with the intention of updating their wardrobe.Others move to a new job with the prospect of making advances their
professional lives. There are those who use the occasion to jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle by going to the gym and going on a nutritious diet.

The same is true at Lorenzo’s Way, the LJC Group restaurant that honors the memory of its founder Larry J. Cruz. The restaurant menu, which features some of the most popular dishes from Café Adriatico,
Bistro Remedios, Café Havana, Abé and Fely J’s Kitchen, has been expanded to include a variety of dishes that are sure to be favorites.

Two new appetizers are now part of the menu. Those seeking a rustic Filipino starter will enjoy Ensaladang Pilipino, a medley of blanched sayote tops, bitter gourd, eggplant slices, and fresh green mango and
tomato slices that is served with three condiments.

A must-try for vegetable lovers is the Lumpiang Sariwa. This spring roll of fresh julienned vegetables uses a crepe wrapper and is topped with a special sauce and ground peanuts.

If you are looking for a refreshing soup dish, the Sabaw ng Halaan at Buko is a good choice. Fresh clams are cooked in a coconut soup angarnished with fresh chili leaves for a mild hint of spice.

A number of Filipino favorites are now part of the Lorenzo’s Way menu. The Beef Caldereta uses US top blade beef for a tender stew in a rich tomato sauce with potatoes, peas and bell pepper slices.

You haven’t tried adobo until you’ve tried Lola Ising’s Adobo. LJC Group founder Larry J. Cruz says the golden fried garlic added to this pork rib adobo was the “secret” to his mother Fely J’s long life.

If you were an avid fan of Binukadkad na Pla-Pla, here’s another dish that elevates the lowly tilapia into a gourmet dish. The Sweet Chili Mango Tilapia is a whole boneless tilapia that has been deep-fried
till crispy. It is served with a sweet chili sauce and garnished with strips of green and ripe mangoes.

For something festive, the Asian Alimango with Noodles will give any dinner a cause for celebration. Fresh crab is fried in a ginger sauce and is served over savory noodles.

Any celebration calls for a noodle dish. If you’re tired of the usual pancit, then the Pancit Sotanghon sa Baby Pusit will be a welcome treat. Mung bean vermicelli is sautéed with fresh baby squid in its
ink for a noodle dish that will keep you coming back.

For a rich nutty treat to end your meal, why not order the Toffee Sans Rival? Meringue layers are filled with a rich caramel butter frosting and crushed cashew nuts. If you like sans rival, this toffee version
will surely become a favorite.

Lorenzo’s Way has branches at Greenbelt 5, Makati City, and Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City. For inquiries, call 7290013 or 6213163.