It was a year ago when Renato Corona was removed as Chief Justice from Supreme Court inducing the Court to flip-flop on its decisions.
There is another case of flip-flopping in the Supreme Court surfaced anew as it appeared that the High Court also retracted and even reversed a decision that was already recorded in the Book of Entries of Judgment in relation to an insurance liability suit filed by a property insurance company against a Singapore-based multinational company.

According to Atty. Arthur Lim, who was one of the private prosecutors in the impeachment case of former Chief Justice Renato Corona, the case involves a P329- Million liability claim being pursued by Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation from Keppel Cebu Shipyard Inc, which is a subsidiary of Keppel Group, a Singapore-based multinational company with interests in offshore and marine services, real estate and property development and investment.

A graft case against Efren Alvarez, mayor of the Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, bears watching (Published in Inquirer, 11/8, 26, 30/12). Filed in the Sandiganbayan on Aug. 6, 2006, the case took over six years to resolve, with the appeal process reaching the Supreme Court.

Documents of suspicious origin suggest that both the Sandiganbayan and the Supreme Court want to revisit it, risking the outbreak of violence in Nueva Ecija and hinting at massive corruption in the justice system.

In other words our justice system could not just close cases specially those who are high end ones.

Isn't that alarming? This is happening now...it can get worse in the future.

If the case is 50 percent that way, you can be sure any resolution, regardless of how legalistic it may sound, will never make sense in terms of "paglilinaw" simply because the basis of the suit was in itself never "malinaw", at pinupwersa na lang sa larangan ng hustisya na magkaroon ng hugis ng kalinawan, just to justify its existence.