Single serve water bottles are convenient for getting one’s water fix on the go. They are easy to carry and can be found pretty much everywhere—from convenience stores and vending machines, to canteens and shopping malls. However, billions of them end up in incinerators and landfills, or clogging waterways, causing environmental problems such as the massive flooding that the Philippines suffered through in recent years.

Those looking for ways to save the planet can do their part by switching to bobble, an innovative reusable water bottle that further filters water as you drink. It helps alleviate the litter problem because of its bobble ratio of 1:300. One bobble™ is equivalent to 300 single-use plastic bottles, helping consumers protect the environment by reducing the use of PET products.

Apart from making a difference through its eco-friendly features, bobble™ also makes fashionable users feel good from within. Its unique, replaceable and recyclable carbon filter purifies potable water even further by eliminating chlorine and organic contaminants for safer, fresher and crisper drinking water.

bobble™  is available in a rainbow of colors to match every personality: green, red, black, yellow, magenta, and blue. The 550-ml model comes at Php 595.00, while filters are priced at Php 345.00 each.

Live a sustainable lifestyle and do good with bobble, now available at Aura Athletica, Plana Forma, Planet Sports, Reuse, and Urban Ashram. For more information about the product, visit the official Facebook page of bobble™ Philippines at www.facebook.com/bobbleph.