You’ve made your list and checked it twice; hauled out the tree and strung up the lights. So, what's missing?

A festive table, that's what! 

With the Yuletide party season in full swing, chances are, you'll be hosting one or two get-togethers with long-lost friends or balikbayan relatives, not to mention the grand culmination of all that seasonal eating: the Noche Buena table.

Make sure your table reflects everything that's celebratory and indulgent. It is Christmas, after all. In addition to the Classic White Bread you know—and love to eat—on a daily basis, stock up on Gardenia's line of flavored loaves inspired by special occasion cakes.

The Amazing Dates and Walnuts Loaf, for one, captures the flavor of your favorite Food for the Gods. Indulge your senses in the soft, moist and freshly-baked goodness studded with a luscious mix of fruit and nut. HOLIDAY INDULGE TIP: A perfect accompaniment to cheese, salads, or to eat as is or slightly buttered.

Gardenia's Amazing Black Forest Loaf recalls the decadence of its inspiration: a lusciously soft and moist chocolate bread with generous twirls of rich chocolate filling and laden with sweet, succulent cherries. HOLIDAY INDULGE TIP: Great with your holiday ham and cheese, a bowl of soup, or as an accompaniment to a holiday breakfast of scrambled eggs and fruit salad.

The loaf that's been rhapsodized about in blogs, Gardenia's Butterscotch Loaf not only captures the smooth, caramel-y goodness of butterscotch candies, it's also got irresistibly rich and flavorful butterscotch chips. HOLIDAY INDULGE TIP: If you can’t stop yourself from eating it straight off the bag, you can toast it and slather with butter or sprinkle sugar on top of the butter. Great, too, as the Singaporean favorite Kaya Toast, a popular snack among Singaporeans. Simply spread with coco jam.

Now who can resist Gardenia's Ube-Cheese Loaf? It's a tempting fusion of flavors: ube-licious on one side complemented by cheese-tastic yumminess on the other. HOLIDAY INDULGE TIP: Top with all-purpose cream, some milk and your favorite holiday fruit for an easy but decadent treat.

Make kids of all ages merry this season with Gardenia's Chocolate Chip Loaf. Each slice comes with generous sprinkling of delicious chocolate chips. HOLIDAY INDULGE TIP: Make cream and jam or jelly sandwiches, slice diagonally into triangles, and watch the kids (and a few adults) fight for their share!

Get the best of all worlds this Christmas with Gardenia’s Choco Ripple and Mocha Marble Loaf. It’s an irresistible pairing of rich chocolate and creamy mocha in one loaf, generously laced with ripples of premium chocolate. Also available in mini loaf size. HOLIDAY INDULGE TIP: Lightly toast, spread a little cream cheese, sprinkle with crushed walnuts or pistachio, then slice into long rectangles to mimic biscotti and serve with after-dinner coffee or tea.

After a night of Yuletide merrymaking, wake up to delicious Gardenia California Raisin Loaf, baked with juicy bursts of sun-dried California raisins and raisin juice that are both nutritious and delicious. Savor its oven-baked aroma, natural sweetness and soft, moist texture with every bite. HOLIDAY INDULGE TIP: Serve as French toast on Christmas morning.

Trusted for its quality and freshness, Gardenia remains your choice when it comes to the Noche Buena table for deliciousness as is…or dressed up in the festive flavors of Christmas.

Gardenia Classic White and Flavored Loaves are available nationwide at leading supermarkets and convenience stores.

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